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We welcome you to the pages of our Black History of Geneva, Alabama. This is an effort to try and keep alive the memories of those who are gone on to glory and/or have moved to different towns and cities as well as those who might still be here. We hope the information gathered by the committee will be rewarding, beneficial, encouraging and inspiring. We are deeply anxious that each of you will enjoy moments of enlightenment.

If a race has no recorded history, its achievements would soon be forgotten. There is a proud heritage throughout American history of African Americans who have made significant contributions to this country, a land where opportunities are not easy to come by. We are all the Rainbow People of God.

Let us draw upon our culture, our traditions and our history to inspire each other to do our part for our families, our people, and ourselves. Let us keep our feet grounded in the issues of our local community, sensitive to the needs of each other and our children.

Young people, there is so much more out there than what you are exposed to in your immediate surroundings. You must strive for excellence, study hard, stay in school and be productive citizens.

Our mission is not only to celebrate for just a month but also educate, to share the preciousness of Black History with everyone. For as we preserve and document our history, we create a space within it for ourselves.

In 1926, Carter G. Woodson was determined to make our history a legitimate field of study. He launched a week long celebration of Negro history that grew to become Black History Month. "It isn't just a month, it is our heritage." For it is from history that we learn of success and failures. Without history, we would be destined to forever commit the same mistakes over and over again. We must never lose confidence in ourselves or in our heritage.

A lot of persons, incidents, locations, etc. may not appear in this documentation as a result of the limited resource information due to the fact that so many older, original Black Geneva settlers have passed on or migrated off the scene. However; the committee battled the perception that Blacks in Geneva (Geneva County, Alabama) made some achievements and have a background that has helped change the future in some way. As we set foot upon the long and dusty road that is our heritage, we are reminded of the words of Carter G. Woodson, "We are going to go back to that beautiful history and we can sing the story of the outside world." We encourage you to read, for as legacy begins, our legacy continues.

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