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Doctor Sally Darby Broxton was born December 25,1870 and died Jan 20, 1953. She lived in Bellwood, AL and was married to Mr. Sam Broxton. She was a medical doctor and fortuneteller. She was the first black female doctor in Bellwood, Geneva County, AL. She made her own medicine using herbs and other things. People came from far and near, black and white, to receive her care and for those who could not come, she made many house calls.

Dr. Sally used her home not only to care for the sick but also to care for the needy and the homeless.   If someone came to her sick and had no where to go while they recuperated, she would let them stay until they were better. Dr. Sally delivered many babies. She also raised children that were not her own. She raised Mrs. Caroline Broxton Williams who now lives in Samson, AL. and her brother, James Allen Broxton (deceased). She used one of the back rooms in the downstairs of her home for making her medicines. Her bedroom was the examining room and for telling peoples fortunes.This structure was destroyed by fire.

Dr. Sally had one child a daughter, named Lillie Broxton, born 1889 and died October 3, 1967. Lillie began to follow in her mother's footsteps by doctoring and helping the needy and raising others children. She claimed the title as Dr. Lillie Brown. She married Mr. C. J. Brown and they raised Mrs. Allene Dawson of Hartford, AL. Dr. Lillie opened her home as a clinic. She had rooms with numbers on the doors to examine her patients. The house is still standing in Bellwood today and some of the numbers are still on the doors. C. J. and Lillie had two children of their own, a son, born January 10, 1933, James Harold Brown (deceased) May 12, 1994. He was married to Grace Broxton Brown and to this union six children were born. They also had a daughter, Jessie Mae Brown, who died at an early age and left a young daughter, Annie Rae Brown (Taylor), which Mama Lillie (as her grandchildren called her) raised. Annie lives in Bellwood, AL.

Mama Lillie had a dear friend who was also her cook, Callie Lane. We all called her Mama Lane. She also helped take care of the grandchildren. Since the loss of these precious loved ones our family is still on the move with grandchildren, great-grand, and great- great- grandchildren.

Submitted by Terry & Kathy Brown

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