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Every February we are given the opportunity to Celebrate African American History. Our library is very fortunate that Mrs. Martha M. Stallworth and Mrs. Rossie D. Bethea have authored a book called, "The Geneva African American Legacy". It was published by Jackson Publishing of Geneva Alabama.

This is a special time to honor and celebrate for our nation. I hope that you enjoy reading about people that you may see everyday or have known in the past.

From time to time you will see poetry quoted here. These passages are from my favorite poet, Paul Laurence Dunbar. Let us begin our journey with...


There's a fabulous story
Full of splendor and glory,
That Arabian legends transcends;
Of the wealth without measure,
The Coffers of treasure,
At the place where the rainbow ends.

Oh, many have sought it,
And all would have bought it,
With the blood we so recklessly spend;
But none have uncovered,
The gold, nor discovered
The spot at the rainbow's end

They have sought it in battle,
And e'en where the rattle
Of dice with man's blasphemy blends;
But howe'er persuasive,
It still proves evasive,
This place where the rainbow ends.

I own for my pleasure,
I yearn not for treasure,
Though gold has a power it lends;
And I have a notion,
To find without motion,
The place where the rainbow ends.

The pot may hold pottage,
The place be a cottage,
That a humble contentment defends,
Only joy fills its coffer,
But spite of the scoffer,
There's the place where the rainbow ends.

Where care shall be quiet,
And love shall run riot,
And I shall find wealth in my friends;
Then truce to the story,
Of riches and glory:
There's the place where the rainbow ends.

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